Indexes:  HR up, CR and GV down

HR:  So it dropped $10/ton last week, and it gains $10/ton this week….back up to the current high mark of $886 ($44.30)

CR:  Drops $7/ton this week, resting at $1,011 ($50.55)

GV:  Dips $4/ton this week, landing at $1,089 ($54.45)


Current product markets seem to be pretty stable. There was not much movement as some of that can be attributed to the recent Memorial Day holiday. The real action has been in the  HR futures markets with several days of volatility. All within the steel using industries will be focused on the end of the week regarding exemptions. The questions are will they be extended…again, will NAFTA be extended (talks not going well) and will any exclusions be granted. Stay tuned!