Indexes:  No end  in sight currently …to the increases


HR:  Up “just” $5/ton ($0.25/cwt) this week….$752/ton ($37.60/cwt).  Marks basically the  18th straight week (dropped $1/ton at New Years) that HR has gone up, going back to 11/1/17…end of October, we were basically at $29.00, so up $8.00+/cwt

CR:  Gained $14/ton this week  ($0.70/cwt)….now at $907 ($45.35)

GV:  Up $10/ton ($0.50/cwt) this week, now at $961 ($48.05), again this represents GV price for 16 ga G90


As of today, with the 232 tariff announcement, pricing is expected to move upward swiftly. Things are still somewhat in a state of flux. Should have some clarity next week.